Photos That Cultivate Connection

I help entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations cultivate connection with their clients and customers through custom, stand-out, magazine-quality photos with an authentic, personal touch for their social media, websites, and print marketing. We work together to tell the story of who you are, what you do & why you do it!


I harness the power of visual storytelling to showcase your product or service, engage your audience, and ultimately build trust in your brand through the context of the people behind the business. Personal brand photography can be described as a hybrid of portrait, documentary, and commercial photography.

I provide entrepreneurs with resources they need to be consistent and efficient in posting visual content,  grab attention, and convert their audience into loyal clients/customers. By hiring me, entrepreneurs increase the quality of their visuals, get themselves into their marketing photos to promote personal connection, and gain an extensive, custom library of high-quality, grab-and-go images strategically edited for a variety of online platforms.

Brand photography sessions are available at four levels with varying quantity of setups/themes per session and varying number of photos delivered. Product  photography (styled or basic) can be added on. Additionally, I will begin offering short-form video in the coming months.